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Want to know how to eliminate up to 80% or more of your manual testing burden and achieve positive ROI in the first year?

SureTest Delivers Real, Tangible Value Plug in the number of EHR, third-party, and enterprise application analysts and testing cycles/upgrades at your organization, and we’ll show you how much time and money you’ll save by implementing automation. Interested in going beyond these initial metrics with a custom ROI analysis? Let us know below and we’ll be in […]
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Healthcare Market Matrix: Shortening the Sales Cycle with Value-Driven Solutions

SureTest founder and CEO Laura O’Toole joins Peter Farkas on the Healthcare Market Matrix podcast. On this episode, hear an enlightening conversation about Laura’s thirty-plus years of experience in healthcare enterprise IT implementation. After spending much of her career strategically designing, developing, and implementing transformational projects as a global consulting professional, Laura transitioned to the […]
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Newsday: Remote Workforces, Rapid Pace, and Realistic Focus

How is post-COVID healthcare truly navigating remote work? Check out this Newsday episode with CEO Laura O’Toole as she delves deep into the effects of hybrid models, employee engagement, and the challenges leaders face today. Explore how the shift in work dynamics has reshaped engagement strategies and what’s next for the healthcare realm. Key Takeaways:
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Case Study

Client Spotlight: Erlanger Health System

Erlanger Health System partnered with SureTest to automate testing for their Epic EHR system, which has significantly improved employee morale by allowing staff to focus on their primary jobs and other strategic projects.
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Newsday: The Loneliness Epidemic and the Role of AI in Relationships

Laura O’Toole, SureTest CEO, joins Bill Russell for the news. What are the financial pressures that healthcare systems are currently facing? How have healthcare organizations addressed the workforce issue? Why did organizations need to address high overtime rates for employees? What will be the impact of AI in relationships? Is there an illusion of relationships […]
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Newsday: The Top Healthcare Trends to Prepare for in 2023

SureTest founder and CEO Laura O’Toole joins Bill Russell on This Week Health Newsday as they unpack stories — and insights — around digital health, smart healthcare spending, cybersecurity, EHR vendors, and more. Learn about the biggest trends in healthcare, why CIOs need to be even more strategic, and the importance of building a community […]
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is SureTest? SureTest is a managed service automation solution that saves healthcare organizations thousands of hours annually on EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing processes. Our skilled developers and test automation engineers build out customized automation scripts and continually maintain those test scripts for our clients, helping to optimize client staff, deliver game-changing […]
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White Paper

Test Automation for Healthcare White Paper

Healthcare organizations need innovative solutions like never before; automation can be a game changer for EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing. In this white paper, we explore how SureTest’s unmatched library of continually-maintained test scripts, combined with our managed service approach empowers clients to redeem thousands of hours every year. Learn how SureTest delivers unmatched […]

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