Newsday: The EHR Upsides & Pitfalls

Laura O’Toole, CEO of SureTest, recently appeared on Bill Russell’s Newsday podcast for a deep dive into the intersection of technology and healthcare.

They explored the complex world of AI, questioning its role in data governance and the impact of technology’s rapid advancement. They debated whether healthcare’s regulatory landscape stifles innovation or acts as necessary oversight. The conversation also tackled the FTC’s stance on non-compete clauses, considering the unique demands of the industry.

Additionally, they discussed the strategic visions of health institutions and pondered whether AI’s integration into healthcare is a genuine breakthrough or a precursor to a tech bubble. This engaging dialogue sheds light on the critical issues at the heart of today’s tech-healthcare nexus.

Key Points:

  • EHRs and EPIC versus Cerner
  • The FTC Vote
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • AtlantiCare
  • Effect of AI Integration

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