Newsday: Change Healthcare, Application Rationalization, and Site of Care

Laura O’Toole, SureTest CEO, joins Bill Russell from This Week Health for the news. From the stark realities of homelessness and its communal aspects to the intricate challenges of healthcare security and the implications of major cyberattacks, Laura lends her insights into the resilience and adaptability of the healthcare sector. How do communities form in the midst of societal challenges like homelessness, and what can we learn from their solidarity? With the recent formidable cyberattack on Change Healthcare, we are prompted to question: how prepared are our healthcare systems for such crises, and what measures can institutions take to fortify their defenses? Furthermore, as we explore the transformation of healthcare delivery through changing sites of care and the push for leadership that transcends traditional roles, we are left to ponder the future trajectory of healthcare. Is the industry poised for a swift adaptation, and how does leadership culture play into the realization of innovative healthcare solutions?

Key Points:

  • Change Healthcare
  • Leadership and Culture Change
  • Healthcare Delivery Evolution

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