Interview in Action at ViVE ’24

It’s a double Interview In action this week on This Week Health‘s podcast! This episode features
Terri Couts from the Guthrie Clinic and then our own CEO, Laura O’Toole, and Mike
at Yale New Haven. They delve into the transformative journeys of
healthcare institutions as they navigate through the complexities of modern IT
challenges and innovations. From the expansive operations of the Guthrie Clinic to
the intricate automation projects at Yale New Haven Health, our guests share their
firsthand experiences. How does Guthrie Clinic defy the common perception of a
‘clinic’ with its extensive network and multifaceted services? What drives their focus
towards IT efficiency and the creation of a data lake, and how do they manage the
balance between cost and quality in healthcare IT?

Yale New Haven Health’s exploration into automation and its impact on operational efficiency and patient care further enriches our understanding. What lessons can we learn from their approach to automation in clinical systems and how does this reflect on the broader trends in healthcare technology? These discussions not only provide insights into the challenges faced but also highlight the innovative strategies employed to overcome them.

Catch the full conversation below.