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Your health system is a complex structure, like a large tree, and your patients move through it like the tree’s nutrients.

It only provides life and health when all parts work together, so organizations must know that EHR (including ancillary and third-party applications) and enterprise application testing are done right.

SureManage delivers test automation that is frequent, consistent, and saves you money.

Hospitals run labor-intensive, redundant tests from the roots to the tips for each branch, representing each potential patient journey in the system.

If you add a new branch, you must create a new test from the ground up. But many components of your tree are shared.

SureTest understands the vital workflow components of your organization, and we configure your SurePersona® Engine to your unique structure.
  • You can target areas that need testing and automate them with much less overhead.
  • We add the appropriate test modules to your customized structure.

Learn More About SureWorks® Library

Want to see how SureTest works with one patient journey?
View Patient Journey

Want to see how SureTest works with two patient journeys with common workflows?
View Two Patient Journeys

The SureWorks® Library:
  1. We create workflows with accurate, targeted actions or steps to complete tasks.
  2. The workflows are fully independent and adaptable, making EHR updates easy.
  3. We automatically test round-trip connections to third-party downstream systems.
  4. The workflows connect seamlessly to other workflows, creating a complete patient journey.

SureTest Library

SureManage Solution & How It Works

SureTest’s managed test automation solution, SureManage, is a fully managed service that eliminates up to 80% or more of your manual testing activities. It delivers a positive ROI in year 1 and a 3-year ROI of up to or more than 200%.

Built on our proprietary framework, SureManage leverages SureTest’s ever-growing library of automated test scripts and a custom workflow engine built to expedite development and facilitate continuous testing.

SureManage provides robust continual script development to align with your upgrades and the ever-changing environment of your EHR (including ancillary and third-party applications) and enterprise application solutions, supported by SureTest’s library of test scripts, our Test Automation Engineer Team, and KLAS-rated customer experience.

With SureManage, you don’t need to maintain any of the applications embedded in our solution because we do it for you. Embrace application rationalization with a perpetual license to the SureWorks Library and everything we develop for you.


SureTest’s SureManage solution delivers automation through SureTest’s proprietary tools, including:

SureWorks is our extensive collection of automated test scripts and the linchpin of our SureManage test automation solution.

Our library is the key to automation value and jumpstarts the speed of script development. What takes a health system multiple years to develop internally can be executed in a few months.

This proprietary resource is constantly updated, and test scripts are drawn from the library and configured to each workflow within your organization’s departments to provide end-to-end integrated and regression testing.

SureTest Solutions

This powerful tool is developed for each SureTest client. It is their personal library of automation, developed and managed by SureTest.

Each client’s SurePersona Engine emulates the exact function each team member needs to employ for each use case and performs them with astounding speed and precision every time. Test scripts are automatically deployed and scheduled at scale to drive automatic, system-wide testing.

SurePersona frees your team from the time-consuming task of testing, allowing them to focus on improving care for your community.
SureTest Solutions

This methodology is the bedrock for each test automation sequence we deploy.

It’s a rigorous framework carefully developed by a team of seasoned healthcare domain specialists in all major EHRs and test automation engineering.

Our commitment to SureMethod means you realize continual development of scripts, routine testing, and real-time reporting.

SureTest Solutions
Unleash the Power of Eggplant
Eggplant is an extraordinary tool, but it’s often terrifically underutilized.

With SureTest, you’ll not only use the platform, but you’ll supercharge it and realize extraordinary value from your investment.

We are a leading, certified Keysight Eggplant partner, working hand in hand with their team to push the boundaries of what is possible and achieve ultimate platform efficiency.

Since we know exactly how the software should work, we orchestrate a true end-to-end solution that makes Eggplant instrumental to your system implementations and upgrades.

If you’re not already on Eggplant – No Problem. We’ll lead you through onboarding and tailor your specific SureTest solution.

SureTest Eggplant
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