How Test Automation Supports the Patient Experience

by SureTest on October 19, 2022
Increased enrollment in high deductible health plans and greater access to digital health tools during the pandemic has put patients in the driver’s seat of their care journeys like never before. As a result, healthcare organizations of all types have shifted their attention to addressing healthcare consumerism – or the personal choice and responsibility in […]
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Why a “Do-It-Yourself” Automation Approach Isn’t Right for Healthcare

by SureTest on October 10, 2022
The DIY approach is becoming more prevalent across various industries, even finding its way into test automation. While it may be suitable for a home improvement project or car repairs, for healthcare test automation, it is best left to specialists like SureTest. The Nature of EHR and Third-Party Application Testing Testing your EHR and other […]
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SureTest Adds Ten New Clients, including UNC Health, and Renews with Pilot Clients, Novant Health, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and AtlantiCare

by SureTest on September 21, 2022
SureTest Adds Ten New Clients, including UNC Health, and Renews with Pilot Clients, Novant Health, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and AtlantiCare FRANKLIN, Tenn., September 20, 2022 – SureTest, Inc., a turnkey test automation solution provider to health systems for their enterprise EHR and third-party application testing processes, has added ten major health systems, including UNC Health […]
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Beating the Financial Outlook Odds with Smart Digital Health Choices

by SureTest on September 20, 2022
This year’s financial outlook remains bleak as health systems continue a slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to Kaufman Hall, 2022 is on pace to be the worst financial year hospitals have faced in quite some time, with seven straight months of negative margins reversing any gains. The staffing shortage only adds […]
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Why SureTest?

by SureTest on August 26, 2022
Test automation can save your healthcare organization significant resourcing, which is especially important as the industry copes with tightening budgets, staffing challenges, and widespread burnout.   There are a few test automation solutions on the market, but not all of them are on the same playing field. We encourage the importance of vetting any solution under […]
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Test Automation for EHR Training: A Sure Bet for Successful Adoption and Supercharged Efficiency

by SureTest on August 22, 2022
Quality EHR training is essential for your staff to work efficiently, focus on patient care, and follow organizational workflows and procedures. Without it, your team can lack the skills to use the EHR effectively. Time and resources aren’t used as efficiently, and frustration often develops.  Successful EHR training correlates with staff satisfaction. In a KLAS […]
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Don’t Let the New and Shiny Distract You from the Essential

by SureTest on August 15, 2022
In recent years, an upsurge of “glittering” digital solutions flooded the healthcare market. This “Cambrian explosion” has resulted in the doubling of digital health funding every year.  There’s a lot to look at as you survey the technology landscape, and many digital health options are available to healthcare organizations. New and “shiny” technology is exciting […]
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You Can Automate That? Exploring the Surprisingly Wide Range of Third-Party Application Test Automation

by SureTest on August 1, 2022
When most people hear “test automation,” they usually think they can achieve the most benefit through major implementations and upgrades. But test automation can also be used across a remarkably wide range of healthcare IT systems and day to day scenarios. While the advantages of test automation for major implementations like EHRs are well documented, […]
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Do Digital Health Right with Test Automation

by SureTest on July 22, 2022
The pandemic dramatically changed patient expectations surrounding digital health. It forced healthcare to make huge strides in digital health, permanently changing the industry and speeding future innovation. For healthcare organizations to attract and retain patients, they must provide a top-notch digital experience to meet these new demands. Your EHR holds an incredible amount of patient […]
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High Notes from HIMSS: A Replay of the North Carolina & Minnesota Chapter Events

by SureTest on July 18, 2022
The SureTest team recently participated in the North Carolina HIMSS Annual Conference and a Minnesota HIMSS Chapter webinar where we reviewed how SureTest’s Test Automation Solution is helping clients radically reform EHR and other third-party application testing. Founder and CEO of SureTest, Laura O’Toole, along with Ryan Neaves, VP of Care Applications at Novant Health, […]
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