Newsday: Venture Capital, AI Ethics, and Future Healthcare Predictions

Laura O’Toole, CEO at SureTest, joins Bill Russell, This Week Health, for the news. They discuss
the challenging landscape for startups, emphasizing the shift from rapid growth to
profitability and its impact on venture capital and business sustainability. How are
companies like SureTest navigating these changes while maintaining growth and
profitability? What does the future hold for healthcare IT in terms of investment,
client expectations, and the evolving role of technology in healthcare delivery? The
conversation also explores the implications of generative AI in both personal and
professional realms. Is AI poised to redefine workforce dynamics and ethical
boundaries? How are health IT leaders preparing for the future challenges and
opportunities presented by these technological advancements?

Key Points:

  • Startup Landscape Challenges
  • Investor Relationships
  • Moral AI Implications
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Future Healthcare Predictions

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