I’ve been a strong supporter of test automation for many years. I’ve attempted to implement Test Automation several times with minimal success, due to the tools’ inability to work well with EHRs and the ongoing maintenance of test scripts. They had been extremely resource intensive over the long haul, until SureTest. If the SureTest solution was available when I was a CIO, I would have implemented it immediately, prior to our first go-live or upgrade event.
David Garrett - Former Novant Health CIO
Through our Epic Test Automation partnership with SureTest, Novant Health reduced the time needed to thoroughly test our EHR application upgrades and future rollouts while minimizing disruption of clinical staff.
Ryan Neaves, VP of Product Development - Novant Health
Before SureTest, our testing process was very stressful, and morale was low. By eliminating the vast majority — up to 80% or more — of our manual testing, our teams can focus on other priorities. That makes them feel more valuable, and makes their work even more meaningful for our organization. I’m excited to work alongside the SureTest team, and to strengthen SIH’s commitment to innovation.
Nickie Fuhrhop, IT Access and Revenue Cycle Manager - Southern Illinois Healthcare
It has been a pleasure working with SureTest. We were surprised and delighted with the speed to value and their ability to deploy automation in time for our Epic upgrade.
- AVP, Information Systems
For the team that I work on, the Cadence team, we have a hand in basically every outpatient script that has to be processed. So, we create the patients, we schedule, we register, do the check-in, the check-out. All of those pieces are managed by the Cadence team, my team. And so with SureTest, there's no manual prep. None of those steps have to be taken, really. On occasion, we have to open a template to appropriately have that script fall during the eight to five hours, but when a script is applied to SureTest, we really don't have to do any manual steps to process that script. So, that's a huge time saver because we are always constantly in meetings, covering tickets, working on multiple projects, and doing multiple things. And then the testing cycle comes, and you have to do all those things and take time to dedicate and pay attention to all the steps and testing. So to have SureTest, at least from our perspective, those that have been put into SureTest, we really don't have to touch. So that's a huge time saver for us.
- IT Application Analyst Senior
I'm so much more satisfied with my job overall now that I don't have to do integrated testing every month. For those of us that are very workflow savvy, it's a chore. It's a burden. For those of us that are not as workflow savvy, it is stressful, almost fearful of having to go to integrated testing and not testing something correctly or in the correct way. And then you move it to prod and it's not right, it just takes some of the responsibility off all of us.
- Senior Application Analyst
The quality of the testing, and just the product general, I'm very happy with it. Our team, my team, is very happy with it in terms of we're able to interact with you all to get the script where it needs to be and then we don't have to touch it. There's the time savings alone that we can focus on the internal customers and other issues. That's probably the biggest impact to the process.
- IT Application Analyst Senior

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