Three Ways Test Automation Improves Patient Safety

by SureTest on February 7, 2022
Patient safety is critically important. As graduates enter the medical profession each year, they often recite a promise. Whether it’s the Hippocratic Oath or an updated variation that addresses today’s most pressing issues, they include a commitment to keeping patients safe. A Far Cry From “Do No Harm” The truth is that patient safety has […]
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Making the Most of Digital Health in 2022

by SureTest on January 18, 2022
The pandemic created one of the biggest  paradigm shifts in the healthcare industry. And, as a result health systems are now realizing the tremendous value of automated, digital health solutions for improving operational efficiency, especially in light of constant pressures like COVID-19 variant surges and staff shortages. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that health systems […]
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Handling the Healthcare Crisis: Mitigate Burnout and Boost Morale with Test Automation

by SureTest on December 10, 2021
The healthcare industry continues to experience fallout from COVID-19. Healthcare staffing issues including, a lack of healthcare providers, hospital staff shortages, and burnout, are more prevalent than ever, risking care delivery across the entire country. Warning Signals In a recent webinar hosted by U.S. News & World Report, leading healthcare experts raised the alarm as […]
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KLAS Performance Report Recognizes SureTest with Highest Customer Experience Level

by SureTest on December 2, 2021
SureTest Automation Platform for Update/Upgrade Testing for EMRs and other Applications Wins Highest Marks for Customer Satisfaction in KLAS Research Emerging Technology Report FRANKLIN, Tenn., December 2, 2021 – SureTest, Inc., which provides a turnkey test automation solution to health systems for their EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing processes, has earned high customer experience […]
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How SureTest Makes Phenomenal ROI Your Reality

by SureTest on November 29, 2021
There is a common misperception about cutting-edge technology. People often expect to pay more for the “latest and greatest.” If it’s faster, better, and makes your life easier, it will cost more. Right? Wrong. At SureTest, we help our clients realize phenomenal ROI by making your EHR testing process work smarter. We’re passionate about helping […]
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Making the Complex Simple: How SureTest Automates EHR, Third-Party, and Enterprise Application Testing Processes

by SureTest on November 10, 2021
A health system is like a large tree, and similar to a tree’s nutrients, patients travel through it. The health systems’ complex structure works diligently to support life and health, so it is important to validate that every element functions together in harmony. For a health system’s EHR, third-party, and enterprise applications, points of the system intersect, […]
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Why Test Automation Before EHR Implementation is a Game Changer

by SureTest on October 27, 2021
For many healthcare systems, the thought of implementing a new EHR is overwhelming. It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation involving a lot of people and a ton of time. We know firsthand how much goes into these implementations. It’s not for the faint of heart. At SureTest, we’re passionate about delivering solutions that offer our clients immediate […]
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Southern Illinois Healthcare Validates Automated Testing Scripts

by SureTest on December 2, 2020
Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) has begun validation of automated testing scripts for the acute / inpatient setting as part of their continuing Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) engagement with Santa Rosa Consulting. The realized success of the first phase that focused on the ambulatory / outpatient workflow scripts ushered in the opportunity to expand […]
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