Beyond the EHR: Uncovering the Hidden ROI

  • By SureTest Inc
  • March 29, 2022
Beyond the EHR: Uncovering Hidden ROI

Test automation has the powerful potential to save an extraordinary amount of time and resources for EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing by creating next-level operational efficiency.

But with SureTest, your ROI doesn’t end with your EHR. It’s only just begun.

By automating other areas of your business, you can tap into new sources for ROI and gain even more from your investment.

More Automation Possibilities

Test automation can eliminate up to 80% or more of manual testing and extend across your entire healthcare enterprise to include a diverse range of testing for the electronic health record, enterprise resource planning and human capital, inclusive of: functional, smoke, end-to-end, regression, load, stress, continuous, clinical validation, and end-user acceptance testing. Some specific use cases are detailed below.

Regression Testing

Healthcare organizations depend a great deal on system functionalities, so regression testing is essential in ensuring that software updates or modifications will not affect or break certain features. Even if the change is not expected to impact functionalities, regression testing is still a best practice to follow.

But manual regression testing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and resource and time constraints can put a limit on how much can be done.

With SureTest, we remove those limitations with automation so you can do more regression testing in less time. We use the same powerful tools that we do for EHR testing, including SureWorks™, our extensive library of automated test scripts, and SurePersona™, your personalized test automation engine.

Our rigorous framework, SureMethod™, enables you to have continuous testing, robust script maintenance, and real-time reporting.

Conversion Utility

When replacing one system with another, manual conversion can be a tedious, time-consuming process. With SureTest, an automated utility script converts and loads data from the source system into a target system. When an interface or utility is not an option from source systems (i.e. scheduled appointments conversion) requiring manual data entry, SureTest’s automated conversion utility script is a valuable option.

The Impact of Automation Across Your Business

The impact of automation extends to other areas of your department:

  • Drastically reduced testing cost
  • Defer new headcount and offset the cost of the solution – and quickly realize ROI
  • Increased test coverage, capacity and quality
  • Flexibility for increased testing without increased cost or time expended by analysts and clinicians
  • Risk reduction associated with inadequate testing brought on by resource restraints
  • Creates eLearning artifacts of configured, specific workflows
  • Continual script development, daily testing, and real-time reporting and dashboards with our all-inclusive managed service solution.

Additional ROI

Realize a phenomenal ROI in Year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+ (depending on the healthcare system size and current testing setup).

But since test automation can be applied across other areas of your organization, there’s a greater opportunity for even more ROI.

The Freedom to Focus

By automating other types of testing, your team gains time to focus on more strategic projects. This improves employee morale and can help bolster your organization’s long-term initiatives.

Since SureTest can automate a diverse range of testing, your analysts have more time to handle tasks that require a human. Some of these items might involve manual intervention, such as scanning, printing, or dictation. It could also include a “one-time” build and test, for example, a device such as a workstation or printer configuration.

What’s Next

Interested in uncovering even more ROI?


Enter the number of EHR application analysts into our test automation ROI calculator and we’ll show you how much time you’ll save by implementing automation. We can also take you beyond this single but significant metric with a custom ROI analysis.