Aspects of EHR Testing ROI Improved through Test Automation

by SureTest on February 6, 2020
Six critical aspects to deliver strong ROI from any test automation program  The key to unlocking the significant primary benefits and hidden benefits of test automation for healthcare organizations is a program that greatly strengthens what you already do while introducing new capabilities for what you don’t but know you need to do.  Test automation […]
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Southern Illinois Healthcare and Santa Rosa Consulting Announce Partnership to Establish a Comprehensive Test Automation Program

by SureTest on January 22, 2020
Santa Rosa Consulting, a leading provider of test automation solutions and technical services exclusively to the healthcare industry, announced today that Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) has partnered with the firm to establish a comprehensive test automation program for its Epic EHR. SIH is a prominent multi-hospital health system dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the many communities it serves. […]
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The Power of Test Automation in EHR Optimization

by SureTest on October 1, 2019
Realistic Documentation of Workflows Strengthens Optimization Priorities Leading healthcare organizations are turning to test automation to meet the dual challenges posed by the convergence of increasingly complex IT ecosystem coupled with more frequent, substantial vendor upgrades and releases. Traditional, manual testing approaches simply are incapable of keeping up with the crucial need for far more […]
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Out with Manual Testing in Healthcare, In with Automation

by SureTest on September 10, 2019
The timing couldn’t be more right for test automation in healthcare delivery. The convergence of increasingly complex IT ecosystems with more frequent vendor upgrades and releases has presented healthcare organizations with a growing number of testing challenges at a time when pouring more money into traditional manual testing is, in most cases, simply not practical. […]
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Three Hidden Benefits of Test Automation for Healthcare Delivery

by SureTest on September 6, 2019
Increasingly complex IT ecosystems, coupled with more frequent vendor upgrades and releases, are driving healthcare providers to turn to test automation. The primary benefits of this approach are fairly well known: increased scope and completeness of testing without prohibitive costs, improved reliability and accuracy of testing results, reduced risk to patient safety and revenue cycle […]
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