SureWorks® Library: A Comprehensive Collection of Automated Test Scripts

  • By SureTest Inc
  • January 6, 2022
automated test scripts - SureTest

At SureTest, we brought our solution to the market as a managed service because many healthcare organizations don’t have the resources to be as efficient and effective in testing as they could be. Not only must the scripts be developed flawlessly with the proper framework, but you also need to keep those scripts updated regularly. It’s an ongoing battle. Who has time for it?

We created SureWorks®, a comprehensive collection of automated test scripts. Our library includes over 2,700 workflows typically found across EHR, third-party, and enterprise applications. SureTest clients then have ongoing access to any script needed from our ever-growing library.


When paired with SureMethod®, our rigorous expert methodology, and SurePersona®, your personalized engine for your organization’s specific workflows, SureWorks offers several key benefits:

Accelerate Customized Development

Jumpstart the speed of customized development by tapping into our vast library of commonly used workflows. It usually takes health systems between two and three years to completely build custom test scripts. But with SureWorks, you’ll have customized development for your organization in a matter of months. 

Maintain Continuous System Updates

SureWorks ensures that you’re always using the latest test scripts by addressing future upgrades in advance. Our proprietary resource is constantly updated and customized to each of your organization’s workflows to provide end-to-end integrated and regression testing. Then, scripts are deployed automatically and scheduled at scale for automatic, system-wide testing. When paired with Eggplant, you receive updated scripts daily, making the process even more seamless. SureTest helps you to gain additional value from the Eggplant platform by supercharging it. As a certified Eggplant partner, we work closely with them so you can maximize platform efficiency. 

Improve Testing Integrity

The SureWorks library allows tremendous efficiency, so you can test continuously and at higher volumes than ever before. Our clients can run test scripts 50 or 60 times annually (as opposed to once or twice with manual testing), detecting more bugs and vastly improving testing integrity. Not only that, but we can test 24/7, helping you mitigate the risk caused by insufficient testing.

Save Time and Minimize Staff Disruption

With SureWorks, you can get your staff back to doing their actual jobs, not spending countless hours on testing. Give them the freedom to focus on their primary job responsibilities and mission-critical activities. The SureWorks library eliminates redundancy in testing, so there’s no need to test every patient journey with an overlapping approach. Our solution offers significant time savings (one client decreased their time running scripts by 91%) and frees up your staff.

Rapidly Realize Value

Our library of workflows rapidly drives automation value by leveraging our dynamic resources to save our clients a ton of time, money, and hassle that goes along with manual testing. And with SureWorks, our clients benefit from each other. As organizations add new patient journeys to our library, everyone can use them, growing a mutually beneficial collection of workflows. 

What SureWorks Includes

Our SureWorks Library offers: 

  • Access to over 2,700 automated test scripts
  • Constant updates and customization to each of your workflows
  • Automatic deployment for system-wide testing

EHR Module Scripts

A sample of EHR module scripts from our library includes, but is not limited to:


Ambulatory, Anesthesia, ASAP, Beaker, Cadence, Cupid, EpicCare Link, Grand Central, Hospital Billing, HIM, Inpatient, MyChart, OpTime, Professional Billing, Radiant, Stork, Willow


PowerChart, Revenue Cycle, FirstNet, RadNet

What’s Next

Ready to learn more about the SureWorks Library? Check out our solution.