Accelerating Speed to Value | How a Powerful Alliance is Revolutionizing Test Automation

  • By SureTest Inc
  • March 7, 2022
How a Powerful Alliance is Revolutionizing Test Automation

Staffing shortages, spurred partly by COVID-19, are among several challenges health systems face. The pandemic has highlighted how much they rely on people for labor-intensive, manual tasks. 

Organizations are at an impasse due to massive burnout and staffing shortages. Health systems need greater flexibility to handle whatever the future holds.

Healthcare organizations can take several steps to operate more efficiently with fewer people and prevent staff burnout. 

Test (Drive) Automation

Automating time-consuming, labor-intensive processes, such as EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing processes, is a bold first step that, fortunately, offers minimal disruption. Typically, EHR testing is a disruptive “all hands on deck” activity involving the IT department and the time and attention of clinical staff. 

Test automation allows organizations to leverage their staff’s expertise for more critical tasks, including patient care delivery. 

The Eggplant Platform

The Eggplant Functional platform and the Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) have unique capabilities that speed up and simplify the testing process. 

It can test any technology, including the UI, APIs, and databases, and allows you to improve how you test with its user-based perspective.

Many healthcare organizations have invested in Eggplant’s platform for testing but are not fully utilizing its remarkable capabilities.

A Powerful Engine in a Self-Driving Platform

Much like a car, Eggplant can’t run without a motor.

SureTest is the engine that powers and supercharges the Eggplant platform, enabling it to run like a self-driving car. And Eggplant is the core platform that lets SureTest run its unmatched library of test scripts.

With SureTest, you can operate with fewer people and make the most of Eggplant’s tool to gain extraordinary ROI from your investment.

Under the Hood of Speed to Value

So, what does speed to value look like when you pair SureTest with Eggplant? Let’s take a look:

  1. Short Setup and Minimal Time Commitment

SureTest helps organizations gain exceptional speed to value with our SureWorks® Library, a collection of automated test scripts, and SurePersona®, your custom engine. Together, they jumpstart custom test automation and ensure a fast ramp-up time. With just 50 to 60 hours required over six months, ROI is realized as early as 4 to 6 weeks into the process. Realize a phenomenal positive ROI in Year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+

  1. Simplicity of Vendor Negotiation

As a leading certified Eggplant partner, we orchestrate a true end-to-end solution, incorporating our partner pricing. 

  1. Dramatically Improved Testing Quality

You must test often and thoroughly to avoid any preventable adverse patient events. However, many organizations don’t test sufficiently due to insufficient time, people, or resources. 

We dramatically improve your testing quality by allowing you to test continuously with minimal effort. With SureTest, you can be assured that your test scripts are constantly updated.

Transforming EHR and Related Systems Testing

By implementing SureTest’s proven approach to intelligent test automation, Southern Illinois Healthcare leveraged automation for its Epic EHR. Listen to learn more about their challenges and how they worked with SureTest and our technology partner, Eggplant, to overcome them.

Want to learn more about how SureTest and Eggplant collaborate to deliver phenomenal speed to value for test automation? Watch the recorded webinar, “How a Powerful Alliance is Revolutionizing Test Automation,” to learn how SureTest and Eggplant joined forces to help clients gain exceptional speed to value, with minimal time or effort required and ROI realized as early as 4 to 6 weeks.