How SureTest Makes Phenomenal ROI Your Reality

  • By SureTest Inc
  • November 29, 2021
How SureTest Makes Phenomenal ROI Your Reality

There is a common misperception about cutting-edge technology. People often expect to pay more for the “latest and greatest.”

If it’s faster, better, and makes your life easier, it will cost more. Right?


At SureTest, we help our clients realize phenomenal ROI by making your EHR testing process work smarter.

We’re passionate about helping clients liberate their teams from the heavy burden of manual testing. It’s time to say goodbye to the status quo.

You can have your technology and real ROI, too.

Compelling ROI

Recent client studies confirm that SureTest delivers a phenomenal positive ROI in year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+ depending on the size of the health system and how you are currently testing.

We interviewed eight of our clients to see how much time their analysts spend testing their daily break/fix, planned optimization, and related work. It ranged from an hour and a half to three hours a day.

We also validated the time to keep testing scripts for planned events documented, updated, and retrofitted manually, plus the dedicated (typical) two weeks allocated during an upgrade cycle, and on average that totaled six weeks per testing cycle.

To demonstrate the time/cost savings of our solution, we’ll use the SureTest ROI Calculator that factors in variables such as the number of test cycles per year, any additional special test cycles, number of employees working on test scripts, average salary, and how much time they’re spending per test cycle. We even factor in benefits such as PTO.

In this example, we plugged in the client’s actual information. In Year 1, the client would spend $1.6 M on various EHR testing-related activities. The total amount spent in Years 1 through Year 5 would be over $8.4 M.

SureTest ROI Solutions

The estimated 5-Year savings using SureTest vs. a manual approach is more than $7.3M. For this particular client example, it means an estimated 3-Year Simple ROI of 467% and a 5-Year Simple ROI of 660% – a wildly compelling case for automation.

How It’s Possible

At SureTest, we eliminate 80%+ or more of manual testing activities.

Our SureWorks® Library contains over 2,700 automated EHR and integrated test scripts that jumpstarts the speed to develop a client’s SurePersona® Engine that contains your specific workflows. We provide extraordinary speed to value by combining it with SureMethod™, our rigorous plug-and-play framework which allows us to do continuous smoke and regression testing while maintaining test automated test scripts in real time.

Realize Immediate ROI

At SureTest, we’ve priced our solution so you can capture immediate – ROI through incredible operational efficiency, risk mitigation, reallocation freedom, and rapid deployment.

We leverage our SureMethod approach to capture and confirm your workflow and associated testing requirements. This is an extraordinarily light time commitment and is typically completed within the first week of the project. Other than a small-time requirement to validate our automation development to your workflow, there is essentially no other time required from the client.

With our full-service solution, you receive continual script development, daily testing, and real-time reporting and dashboards. Rather than testing one or two times before an upgrade, your workflows, break/fix, and ongoing optimizations will be continuously tested. This game-changing efficiency allows you to realize greater testing integrity and drastically reduces the risk caused by insufficient testing.

You’ll gain additional efficiency with a timesaving step-by-step, electronic workflow for training, clinical validation, and audit purposes.

Gone are the days of having to steal time from analysts, clinicians, and end-users for weeks on end to deal with an upgrade and day-to-day testing requirements. With SureTest, you can free your team to focus on their primary job responsibilities. You’ll recapture ROI as you reallocate staff to more strategic initiatives.

Not only that, but SureTest gives you phenomenal speed to value. We rapidly deploy automation within the first few weeks. This timeframe allows you to quickly reallocate full-time employees who no longer need to be burdened with testing initiatives.

We deliver leverageable automation in the first 4 – 6 weeks with the full scope of automation delivered in 6 – 9 months.

SureTest’s ROI Calculator

SureTest’s ROI Calculator lets you plug in your specific data and receive a custom ROI analysis to support and justify the minimal cost of our full-service automation program.

What’s Next

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