ViVE 2023 Recap: A Heart for Nashville, a Passion for Healthcare Transformation

  • By SureTest Inc
  • April 18, 2023
SureToast at ViVE 2023 Nashville

A few weeks ago, the SureTest team traveled to Music City for ViVE 2023, where thousands of healthcare leaders met to focus on the business and transformation of healthcare systems. 

We were devastated to hear of the tragedy that unfolded only a few miles away from the conference at The Covenant School. We mourn the loss of innocent life, and our hearts are with the victims’ families, school and greater community, and local healthcare professionals.

As we all processed this horrific event, our team was encouraged to see the outpouring of support from the healthcare community. In recognition and honor of the precious lives lost, SureTest joins many other organizations and individuals in helping the families impacted through ViVE’s GoFundMe.

ViVE 2023: SureTest’s Top Takeaways 

The ViVE 2023 conference allowed us to connect with our industry peers and clients around digital healthcare transformation. We gained valuable insights from our conversations with healthcare leaders and by attending various panel discussions. 

While at ViVE, we partnered with This Week Health to raise funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancer. Thanks to conference attendee participation, we are proud to have helped raise $16,500 during the event. 

Closing the Healthcare Labor Gap

The healthcare staffing shortage was on many attendees’ minds as it continues to create major issues for health systems, including access challenges.

 “The healthcare labor gap persists,” says Alicia Bloom, VP of Enterprise Growth and Strategic Partner Innovation of Redesign Health. “Creative solutions to attract and retain both clinical and non-clinical staff are more important than ever. There was a lot of curiosity and excitement, with some uncertainty, about how we might leverage AI to address the healthcare labor gap.”

IT testing is affected by these labor shortages; every health system needs to test its EHR, third-party, and enterprise applications, but manual testing is incredibly time and labor-intensive — involving clinical and non-clinical teams. 

SureTest helps alleviate pressure caused by the labor shortage crisis with our Managed Test Automation Solution, eliminating up to 80% or more of manual testing activities. Healthcare teams can focus on the work they were hired to do, helping to mitigate staff burnout and boost morale for both clinical and IT staff. 

Our client, Southern Illinois Healthcare, worked with SureTest to automate over 375 manual workflows, helping their team dramatically improve employee morale.

Ben Fuqua, Senior VP of Analytics at Revive, told The No Normal Show that it’s absolutely critical that technology serves the workflow. “I can’t emphasize that enough. You can have the best idea in the world… but if they don’t fit the workflow and fit what the practitioners need and save them time not require more time there’s no place for it in today’s healthcare.”

SureTest also adapts to your team’s workflows by developing your custom SurePersona® Engine, a powerful tool that knows the exact actions each team member needs to take for every use case and carries them out with rapid perfection — every time.

Economic Reality = ROI, Right Away 

Bill Russell of This Week Health says the economic downturn is a reality. Digital investment is way down; the investment market has cooled, tracking with hospitals’ more dire overall financial situation.

With inflation and pricing spikes for goods and services, the pressure to grow operational efficiency and realize ROI is higher than ever. According to Chief Healthcare Executive, health systems need ROI ASAP and don’t have the luxury of waiting for a return on their investment.

Chief Information Officer B.J. Moore told Fierce Healthcare, “…When I talk to partners coming in to sell me a solution, the feedback I always give them is ‘If you can give me an ROI in a year, sign me up.’”  

In times like these, no health system can afford any solution that doesn’t deliver immediate and dramatic ROI. SureTest understands that ROI is critical, especially now. Our recent client studies confirm that our Test Automation Solution offers a positive ROI in year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%.

Do Right by the Patient

Another common theme throughout ViVE was patient equity and patient experience, including alternative sites of care.

Scott Bechtler-Levin, Head of Venture Design, says, “No matter the setting, the key to successful healthcare delivery is building trust with patients and meeting them where they live, including considerations around more frequent touchpoints and considerations of social determinants of health.”  

Redesign Health points out how a ViVE session highlighted a significant shift in healthcare from “design for to design with. Engaging providers and patients is not optional — it’s critical.”

With the expansion of telehealth — including provider-to-provider information exchange — it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Patients want to access care via frictionless options and the healthcare industry, and innovation leaders are responding.

SureTest supports the patient experience and the shift to alternative sites of care by ensuring your EHR, third-party, and enterprise applications are optimized and properly tested to operate effectively no matter the location of care delivery. Not only that, but our Managed Test Automation Solution provides continuous testing for improved patient safety.

Heading into HIMSS

HIMSS23 is this week, and we hope to see many of you there! We are looking forward to connecting with industry peers and hearing from top healthcare leaders. If you’re interested in meeting up with SureTest in Chicago during the conference, reach out to our team.

What’s Next

Curious to hear more about how SureTest is helping healthcare organizations like yours? In “Unpacking Test Automation: How to Innovate and Save Like Novant Health,” Ryan Neaves, VP of Care Operations at Novant Health, and SureTest CEO Laura O’Toole reveal how test automation reclaims time and reduces staff burnout.