Swift Set-up and Rapid ROI: How SureTest Minimizes the Impact of Staffing Shortages

  • By SureTest
  • February 22, 2022
Swift Set-up and Rapid ROI: How SureTest Minimizes the Impact of Staffing Shortages

The healthcare staffing crisis is causing a ripple effect in more areas than patient care alone. All kinds of IT processes are taking a backseat as healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with demand while staffing pools shrink.

Even before the pandemic began, EHR implementation was notoriously time-consuming, demanding the attention of not only IT staff but of healthcare professionals as well.

It’s critical to test your EHR, whether you’re upgrading or switching vendors due to a merger or acquisition. But there are often not enough people to handle each step of the testing process before a go-live.

Attempting this with less staff than ever before is a recipe for increased burnout among an already exhausted healthcare team.

“I suspect if you asked most hospital leaders at this point what one of their biggest worries is as they think about their organizations now and in the future, workforce would be at the top of almost all of those lists,” Akin Demehin, director of policy at the American Hospital Association (AHA), recently told Fierce Healthcare.

Put Technology to Work

When you’re grappling with staff shortages, you can’t afford to pull healthcare professionals away from their primary job responsibilities for EHR testing.

That’s what intelligent healthcare it automation is for.

SureTest eliminates up to 80% or more of manual testing activities, taking an enormous burden off your staff and giving back tens of thousands of hours every year. It’s operational efficiency at its best.

Our intelligent technology helps bring out the best in your team in a time when staff satisfaction is paramount. With SureTest, healthcare professionals can concentrate on the job they were hired to do without being sidetracked by disruptive manual testing activities. Your team will appreciate the freedom to focus on patient care delivery.

Not only that, but SureTest dramatically improves patient care by continuously testing and accounting for every patient journey and related workflow.

Ramp-up Fast and Realize ROI, Right Away

When you’re short-staffed, there’s no bandwidth to deal with a time-consuming, costly implementation.

With SureTest, you don’t have to hit the brakes to put a more efficient solution in place. And you don’t need to wait to realize ROI.

We’ve designed our test automation solution and implementation process to deliver immediate ROI, so there’s no lag time or burden on your team.

SureTest only requires a total client time range of 50 to 60 hours over an elapsed 6-month timeframe. That’s just a few hours from each team member. You’ll have leverageable automation in the first 4 – 6 weeks, with the full scope of automation within 6 – 9 months.

And not only that, but the ROI you’ll realize is phenomenal – a positive ROI in year 1 with a 3- year ROI of up to 200%+.

How it Works

We leverage SureWorks™, our collection of automated test scripts, along with SurePersona™, a powerful tool that learns and emulates each member’s exact functions for each use.

Our seasoned healthcare specialist team built our SureMethod™ framework to ensure you have continuous testing, robust script maintenance, and real-time reporting.

Client Time Requirement

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