Unpacking Test Automation: How to Innovate and Save Like Novant Health

Join Laura O’Toole, SureTest’s CEO, and Ryan Neaves, Novant Health’s VP of Care Operations, as they discuss how test automation helped Novant Health innovate while saving time and money.

We’ll reveal how automated testing recaptures time for IT projects, prevents your IT staff from burning out, and allows you to pursue higher-value initiatives — all while effortlessly staying on top of EHR upgrades.

Join us as we share our innovative approach to automation and provide you with tips, tools, and a framework for successfully executing test automation for your healthcare organization.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The ROI benefits of test automation and how to define and calculate its financial impact with our comprehensive Test Automation ROI tool
  • Tips and tricks for establishing metrics and how to produce documentation and dashboards that confirm the rigor of your testing process
  • How Novant’s automated testing enhanced the overall quality of their system upgrades and how this translates into a higher quality build and fewer system issues