How SureTest’s Strategy Delivers Sky-High ROI and Operational Efficiency

  • By SureTest Inc
  • January 24, 2023
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Testing your EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing processes is critical for ensuring patient safety and maximum system effectiveness. However, manual testing methods drain resources and lead to ballooned timelines.

With half of U.S. hospitals currently operating at a loss, healthcare systems need to identify and implement solutions that maximize operational efficiency and deliver real ROI quickly.

Test automation can save an incredible amount of time and resources, but a strategy must be in place before implementing this game-changing solution.

The Essentials of a Successful Test Automation Strategy

Without a strategic plan, it’s hard to know what to prioritize, and you may choose the wrong automation solution for your business — and end up losing money you don’t have. 

An effective EHR test automation strategy includes these key elements:

  1. A Clear Path to ROI and Operational Efficiency

  2. At the foundation of every successful strategy lies a clear objective and well-defined benchmarks for measuring success. With healthcare organizations under tremendous pressure to be as judicious as possible, ROI is top of mind. Any approach needs to illustrate how you will achieve it clearly. Nowadays, if a solution does not demonstrate immediate ROI, it will not survive.

    According to Forbes, digital health solutions must prove real financial ROI and demonstrate value to patients, the healthcare system, and the buyer’s bottom line now and in the future.

    Operational efficiency is closely tied to ROI and can manifest in many different areas. It includes headcount, employee satisfaction, strategic projects, risk mitigation, and patient safety.

  3. Adaptability and Scalability

  4. A smart strategy considers your organization’s current state and future direction. An approach that adapts to changing demands increases your chances of long-term success. It also helps ensure that you don’t waste time, energy, or resources having to restrategize or implement another solution later.

    Another crucial factor to consider is scalability. If your organization suddenly needs to test more scripts, your system should be able to handle them.

  5. Intelligent Resource Allocation

  6. A successful strategy makes the most of your budget by optimizing resources and staff. It also plans for continuous test script updates and maintenance without putting more pressure on your team. 

    EHR test automation lets you reduce pressure on your staff, raising employee morale and decreasing burnout. Reducing employee burnout positively impacts ROI. Less turnover means saving time and resources on hiring and training.

How SureTest’s Stellar Test Automation Strategy Does It All

With SureTest, we manage your test automation strategy. Our solution is built on a solid foundation of rigorous, expert methodology.

We combine this approach with our proprietary script library and powerful SurePersona™ Engine to deliver incredible results and next-level efficiency.

Our intelligent test automation solution provides:

  1. Transformational Time/Cost Savings and Phenomenal ROI

  2. SureTest takes tens of thousands of tedious testing hours off your team’s shoulders — eliminating up to 80% of manual testing activities.

    Our solution relieves pressure on human capital since you only need a few QA specialists to handle rare exceptions. You can defer headcount to offset the cost of the solution — and realize ROI quickly.

    You can reallocate IT staff to more strategic projects and free up your clinical team to focus on patient care. Our Test Automation Solution drastically reduces staff burnout, helping to alleviate staffing issues.

    Recent client studies confirm that SureTest delivers a positive ROI in Year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+, depending on the size of the health system and how that health system is currently testing.

    KLAS Research highlighted SureTest in its 2021 Emerging Technology Spotlight finding high satisfaction among users for the ability to produce significant ROI by automating testing and freeing up time and employees. SureTest also earned an A+ across all KPIs and a 100% rating in overall customer satisfaction.

  3. Future-Focused Flexibility

  4. SureTest is a managed service, meaning your team doesn’t have to spend time or energy maintaining scripts. We do it all for you.

    Regardless of the test scripts your team needs now or in the future, we have you covered. The SureWorks® library of automated test scripts has over 2,700 scripts and continues to grow. Your SurePersona® Engine is constantly updated as workflows change. Your assigned Test Automation Engineer will analyze any script failures on an ongoing basis and make the necessary adjustments for the next scheduled test. Any failures are addressed directly because of their EHR or enterprise domain capability and because they become a part of your change management process. If they have questions about the changes that caused the script to fail, they will work with the hospital liaison to validate the appropriate action.

    Our team built our SureMethod™ Framework to provide continuous testing, robust script maintenance, and real-time reporting.

  5. Incredible Speed to Value

  6. Hospitals face tremendous pressure and do not have the luxury of waiting for ROI. SureTest’s Test Automation Solution enables your staff to do more with less by freeing them from the burden of manual testing. We only require a few hours from each team member for the entire EHR testing process. 

    We use SureWorks Library, our collection of automated test scripts, along with SurePersona Engine, a powerful tool that learns and emulates each client’s exact functions for each use, to create a seamless solution that begins delivering results in a matter of weeks. With SureTest, health systems can achieve leverageable automation in the first 4 – 6 weeks from project kick-off, and full scope of automation within 6 – 9 months.

Follow the Evidence

With the current challenges facing healthcare systems, it can feel like a lot is out of your hands. So focus on what you can control. 

We’ve been helping organizations like yours with EHR test automation so they can realize phenomenal ROI fast.

Visit our proof page to see real-world results and learn what clients say about working with SureTest. Check out our ROI calculator to discover how much time you’ll save.