This Week Health Conference Campaign: How Can SureTest’s Automation Solution Save You Time and Provide ROI?

In advance of VIVE 2023 in Nashville, SureTest CEO Laura O’Toole sat down with Bill Russell for the This Week Health: Conference Campaign podcast. In a power-packed dozen minutes, O’Toole details:

  • Why the continual development needed to maintain off the shelf automation tools and keep them evergreen is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, and how SureTest’s full managed solution solves for this dilemma
  • How SureTest’s 2,700+ workflows jump starts automation for clients
  • SureTest’s journey towards building out libraries for Workday and Infor, and how the solution works as an enterprise tool to handle enterprise problems
  • How SureTest can save its clients up to 12 FTE positions, freeing up those employees for more strategic projects, or to eliminate teams and meet more critical clinical needs
  • The role that rigorous testing plays to significantly reduce risk for clients

Ready to see for yourself? Contact us to see a full demo of the SureTest solution in action.