A Treasure Trove of Test Automation Lessons: Part 1

  • By SureTest Inc
  • January 30, 2023
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We’ve worked with top healthcare organizations across the country and been down the test automation road countless times. What began as a vision of our founders is now a successful test automation solution adopted by health systems across the country.

Our seasoned healthcare specialists created SureTest’s Test Automation Solution as a managed service to help healthcare organizations realize efficiency and effectiveness in testing.

Top Lessons on Test Automation

We’ve compiled some key takeaways that will help your organization get the most out of test automation.

  1. Shared Workflows Are Key to More Efficient Testing

  2. A health system is complex and similar to the structure of a tree, with patients moving through it like nutrients.

    Most hospitals run labor-intensive, redundant tests from the “roots” to the “tips” for every “branch” of each potential patient journey. For every new potential patient journey, you must create a new test from the ground up. 

    Many healthcare organizations take this approach — in fact, that is how all our clients operated at one time — but the truth is, there is a better, more efficient way.

    Many parts of your “tree” are shared which gives you the chance to leverage these components so you can eliminate redundancy and test faster and more efficiently.

  3. Continuous Testing is Testing: (It’s not an optional add-on)

  4. In the past, we’ve seen some healthcare organizations approach test automation like it’s “one and done.” But continuous, robust testing is absolutely critical for patient safety.

    For example, you may have just implemented test automation with the most up-to-date scripts. But if even the slightest change happens to one of those test scripts, it can compromise patient safety and impact outcomes.

    If you want to do test automation the right way, it must include continuous testing and not take a “set it and forget it” approach.

    Anything less than continuous testing opens your patients and organization to risk and can create problems for your clinical, IT, and admin teams.

  5. The Right Resources Are Worth the Investment

  6. Healthcare organizations have long battled operational budgets, trying to find the right solutions to meet their needs, deliver ROI, maximize efficiency, and get the most value for their spend.

    The whole point of test automation is to do just this. But the solution you choose must deliver both significant and immediate ROI.

    We have seen many healthcare organizations invest in the wrong solutions because they didn’t have a comprehensive understanding of the results they could realistically achieve.

    In today’s economic climate, there is even more urgency to make the best choice when investing in an EHR test automation solution. Despite a bump to operating margins in November, median negative margins continue. According to Becker’s, “The median -0.2 percent margin recorded in November 2022 marks a 44 percent decline for margins in 22 year-to-date compared to 2021 year-to-date.”

    Carefully vet any potential solution your organization is considering. Ensure it can clearly demonstrate and deliver ROI. It’s important to have a solid understanding of how the solution will continue to deliver value and ROI on a continual basis.

How SureTest Puts These Lessons to the (Automation) Test

  1. SurePersona™ Engine Improves Efficiency

  2. At SureTest, we know vital workflow components inside and out and we leverage those shared components to remove redundancy.  

    We configure your SurePersona® Engine to your organization’s unique structure, letting you focus on areas that require testing and automate them with much less overhead.

    SureTest removes the burden of updating and testing often outdated scripts, with multiple analyst teams having to participate in the testing cycles. We also remove inter and intra-team dependencies that exist in a manual testing cycle. 

    SureTest supports all common test case scenarios, from routine outpatient visits to extensive trauma emergency room visits, inpatient stays, surgical procedures, diagnostic testing, and more. With SureTest, more than 80% of manual testing activities can be eliminated, saving your team thousands of hours annually. Let us handle the testing for you.

  3. SureMethod™ Provides Continual, Robust Testing

  4. SureMethod® is our ever-evolving “plug-and-play” framework and the foundation for each test automation sequence we deploy. 

    This rigorous framework was developed by our team of seasoned healthcare experts certified in all major EHRs and test automation tools.

    Our commitment to SureMethod means you have continual and robust script development and maintenance, daily testing, and real-time reporting.

    Plus, you have your own dedicated SureTest test automation engineer who maintains your test scripts by monitoring them and staying one step ahead of even the slightest change. 

    Your team has the assurance that every script is up-to-date without spending time or energy on it. It also helps your team avoid the manual testing team adlibbing on a particular workflow due to an outdated script which can lead to subsequent issues that can compound the time, effort, and communication spent on that testing cycle. It may also reduce the risk of production issues because there was deviation from the test case scenario and the tendency in this situation to brute-force the completion of the test script.

  5. The SureWorks™ Library Jumpstarts the Speed of Custom Development

  6. It pays to invest in the right resources. We help clients realize ROI faster with SureWorks®, our ever-expanding, always-updated test script library. Our comprehensive collection of automated test scripts contains over 2,700 workflows typically found across EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing processes. 

    SureWorks Library lets SureTest quickly provide clients with customized development and maintain system updates. SureTest delivers tremendous speed. You can deploy automation in under 6 months and get up to 80% of your EHR manual testing activities fully automated. 

    Recent client studies confirm that SureTest delivers a jaw-dropping positive ROI in year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+.

    SureWorks Library also gives clients the enormous benefit of tapping into the entire collection anytime. We’re constantly adding new scripts to the collection, so everyone benefits from it.

Discover The Simplicity of SureTest

Healthcare systems are complex, but test automation doesn’t have to be. 

Are you interested in hearing how SureTest has been a game-changer for organizations like yours? Check out our on-demand webinar: “Unpacking Test Automation: How to Innovate and Save Like Novant Health.” Ryan Neaves, VP of Care Operations at Novant Health, discusses how test automation helped the organization innovate while saving time and money.

Jump to 22:20 to see how SureTest automation works and why we are different.