Test Automation for EHR Training: A Sure Bet for Successful Adoption and Supercharged Efficiency

  • By SureTest
  • August 22, 2022
Side View Of A Disabled Businessman Sitting On Wheelchair Using Laptop Working In Office
Side View Of A Disabled Businessman Sitting On Wheelchair Using Laptop Working In Office

Quality EHR training is essential for your staff to work efficiently, focus on patient care, and follow organizational workflows and procedures. Without it, your team can lack the skills to use the EHR effectively. Time and resources aren’t used as efficiently, and frustration often develops. 

Successful EHR training correlates with staff satisfaction. In a KLAS Arch Collaborative report of more than 72,000 clinicians, EHR training was the number one predictor of user satisfaction.

This is where your approach to EHR testing can help. If done well, your testing supports effective EHR training.

How Test Automation Supports EHR Training

Test automation enables you to complete testing thoroughly and efficiently, ensuring the EHR works correctly.

With SureTest, we eliminate up to 80% or more of manual testing activities, so you can test more frequently, and faster, helping your team to discover and capture the software bugs found only after many rounds of testing.

EHR Educator Sedona Learning Solutions highlights the importance of using customized workflows during training for better provider adoption. SureTest’s SurePersona® Engine emulates the precise function each team member needs for each use case, so when you’re training, all possible workflows are ready.

When you partner with an EHR test automation solution provider like SureTest, you set your organization up for successful EHR training, leading to increased system adoption and improved workflow efficiency. The better your training, the more quickly and easily your staff will adopt the technology, and your organization will realize operational efficiency and the large-scale benefits of future EHR implementations or upgrades.

Here are three ways SureTest’s Test Automation Solution supports your EHR training efforts:

Test Right, So You Can Train Right

SureTest’s Test Automation Solution takes care of the foundational work involved in an EHR implementation or upgrade so you can focus on the task at hand: training your team on the system. 

With testing complete and your EHR functioning properly, your in-house trainers or training partners won’t have to worry about error messages, workflow problems, etc. 

It gives your team the space to truly focus on training without unnecessary distractions or confusion caused by EHR issues.

Get Tangible Training Tools

When organizations automate the EHR testing approach, they often come away with educational tools for the EHR training phase. 

SureTest’s Test Automation Solution provides helpful hands-on training tools for your team. As our team is preparing to develop your automated testing, we capture every step of your workflows that can be potentially be utilized as training deliverables.


Video “show me” demonstrations: During the Workflow Capture & Development phase of the SureTest Test Automation implementation, our developers and engineers sit down and do workflow capture sessions with your testers. They record each workflow step by step. Those recordings are used to develop automated testing scripts and can be leveraged by your team as micro-learning videos for your end-users to easily watch and follow.

Job aids for quick clinician reference: With the workflow capture videos, it is easy to create detailed instruction booklets as a guide for clinicians to reference, highlighting important information or processes and include screenshot guides and technical steps.

Boost Staff Morale and Mitigate Burnout

Healthcare organizations can’t afford to lose employees over inefficient testing, especially as the industry grapples with widespread burnout.

With better training, you can help improve clinician satisfaction with your EHR and increase employee retention. Your staff can more easily interface with your EHR, allowing it to be a more fluid tool rather than a roadblock to getting their job done.

Training results in increased productivity, improved morale, and less burnout, which leads to higher staff retention.

All of this starts with EHR testing. When you automate your testing approach, you set the tone for training — allowing staff to focus on delivering patient care rather than manual testing.

By leaning into test automation, you can create the right atmosphere for training, assuring your team that it’s a highly efficient process that doesn’t require tedious work.

What’s Next

SureTest has worked with healthcare organizations like yours to radically transform EHR testing and provide clinical staff with better EHR training tools.

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