A Treasure Trove of Test Automation Lessons: Part 2

  • By SureTest
  • February 21, 2023
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In the first part of this blog series, we shared the top test automation lessons we’ve learned over SureTest’s history and uncovered how we help clients save money and realize ROI faster. Now it’s time to look at this from a client perspective. We have been fortunate to work with innovative healthcare organizations that automated their testing and emerged better than ever.  

Here are the biggest takeaways our clients have learned on their journey to automating EHR, third-party, and enterprise application testing.  

Test Automation Saves a Staggering Amount of Time and Resources (and Sanity)

It’s one thing to hear that SureTest eliminates up to 80% or more of manual testing activities. It’s another to see it put into practice at your organization.

In Novant Health’s case, SureTest helped reduce the time to run test scripts by an average of 91% and labor to run test scripts by 100%.

One Novant Health team member states,A complex, automated, integrated script now takes 18 minutes or less per day to run, pausing overnight for system processing. It used to take 23 hours of labor across 4 days!”

SureTest has automated 60% of Novant’s Epic scripts and is finalizing nearly 80% of automation. With four release upgrades per year, Novant is on track to achieve an estimated time savings of 29,200 hours annually.

SureTest Takes Your Test Quality to the Next Level (While Making It Easier for Your Team)

Manual testing is prone to human error. It takes only the slightest missteps for errors to occur or for people to create more problems that need fixing, resulting in more time spent manually testing. 

“Sometimes, during manual testing, people do the wrong thing,” said one of our clients, reflecting on their testing process before SureTest. “You have to spend time to find out they didn’t follow the script as they were supposed to. That’s time lost in testing.”

An error in testing can also result in a compromise of patient safety.

Each of our clients was looking not only to save testing hours but also to improve their testing quality, and they found it by signing on with SureTest’s turnkey managed service solution for test automation. This test automation framework is anchored in three major components:

  • SureWorks® Library: a comprehensive collection of automated test scripts with over 2,500 workflows
  • SurePersona® Engine: a powerful tool that knows and emulates the exact functions each team member needs for each use case
  • SureMethod® Framework: a rigorous structure carefully developed by a team of seasoned healthcare domain specialists in all major EHRs and test automation engineering.

SureTest Expedites Test Automation (and Makes It a More than Worthwhile Endeavor)

Nearly every client we’ve ever worked with has had a looming upgrade deadline or urgent need to get testing automation up and running. For CHRISTUS Health, this was performance and stress testing for the health system’s COVID vaccination portal. They needed it operational in four days. SureTest plunged into action and successfully designed, scripted, and executed all performance tests in less than 96 hours

But moving fast does not mean you have to sacrifice ease of implementation. Speed is one thing; making the implementation process a light lift for your team is another. SureTest’s team of highly skilled developers and engineers collaborate closely with clients to develop an implementation strategy that works for them. 

Working with one client’s testing project manager, we offered a flexible approach that allowed them to focus on certain scripts at a time, only requiring a small amount of time from each team member. This helped them expedite testing multiple scripts concurrently, shortening the road to automated testing. They transitioned to automated testing in record time: SureTest captured, developed, and deployed accurate test automation within two months of project kick-off, and the full library of 275 workflows was deployed within five months.

Test Automation Helps Boost Retention (and Keep Your Organization Competitive for New Hires)

One common denominator among all healthcare organizations is that no one likes to do manual testing, and no one has time to waste.

A recent client needed a way to drastically improve productivity around its EHR testing and relieve the increasing pressures on its staff. The organization reduced the time spent manually testing by 50% during its first Epic upgrade. They anticipate an 80% reduction during the next upgrade cycle.

With SureTest’s Test Automation managed solution, our clients receive continual script development, daily testing, real-time reporting, and dashboards. SureTest’s engineer monitored the client automation performance to confirm that workflows were thoroughly tested before being introduced into their production environment. The client team is now free to focus on their primary job responsibilities, boosting employee morale and job satisfaction. 

 “The analysts feel respected for their time and have gained more time back to do things they’d like to engage in and do,” says the client project manager.

SureTest Delivers Jaw-Dropping ROI (Are You Sitting Down?)

ROI is never far from the minds of healthcare organizations tasked with demonstrating the value of a new application or other operational technology. Operational spending needs to stretch further and do more than ever before.

SureTest delivers a phenomenal positive ROI in Year 1 with a 3-year ROI of up to 200%+. SureTest helped Southern Illinois Healthcare rapidly realize ROI by transforming 375+ manual workflows into automated, integrated patient journeys for the hospital’s Epic EHR.  

Every organization is different, but SureTest can utilize our SureWorks™ Library of test scripts to help jumpstart custom automation for our clients so they can realize ROI faster. Get leverageable automation in the first 4-6 weeks of project kick-off. This also enables deferring or reducing headcount as necessary, enabling clients to offset the solution cost and see ROI more quickly.

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