Joseph Casper

  • Chief Executive Officer, CSC Services Inc.
Joseph Casper

Joseph Casper serves as chairman and managing director of software analytics company, Bio Engine.

With over 30 years of health IT expertise, he has served in many different capacities during his tenure at Deloitte Consulting, Quest Diagnostics (DGX), First Consulting Group (FCGI), Sandlot Solutions, and REP-SAC Corporation. His experience includes developing several start-ups, co-inventing healthcare IT products and services, and leading small and large healthcare organizations.

While employed at Deloitte Consulting, Joseph served for two years as an EMR hardware/software expert witness to President George W. Bush in a report regarding the exchange of EMRs. He has overseen the development and deployment of healthcare technology services and analytics that aggregate millions of patients and hundreds of millions of unique PHI data elements.

Joseph has served on the Board/Advisory boards of Asbury Org., Pertexa, Bio Engine, and nVoq, and remains active in the emerging field of healthcare loT.