Joe Miller

  • VP, Delivery & Technology
Joe Miller SureTest

Joe Miller serves as VP, Delivery & Technology at SureTest. He brings 29 years of information technology experience rooted in software design, development, quality assurance, application architecture and project management, with 14 years of that experience dedicated to the healthcare sector. Joe is responsible for the delivery of the SureTest test automation program and its continual innovation as technology advances.

Prior to joining SureTest, he served as the technical director of test automation at Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. In this role, he was pivotal in the development and execution of the test automation practice that is SureTest today.

Before joining Santa Rosa Consulting, Joe held multiple test automation technical lead, project management, and key EHR roles at hospitals and health systems across the country. He holds multiple Epic certifications, including EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare Link, MyChart, and Radiant, and is also certified in the Eggplant enterprise test automation platform, including Eggplant Functional, DAI and Performance. His EHR implementation experience combined with systems and application design, development, and testing has motivated him to apply the benefits and best practices of test automation to the healthcare domain.