The Power of Test Automation in EHR Optimization

  • By SureTest Inc
  • October 1, 2019
The Power of Testing automation in EHR Optimization

Realistic Documentation of Workflows Strengthens Optimization Priorities

Leading healthcare organizations are turning to test automation to meet the dual challenges posed by the convergence of increasingly complex IT ecosystem coupled with more frequent, substantial vendor upgrades and releases. Traditional, manual testing approaches simply are incapable of keeping up with the crucial need for far more comprehensive and reliable testing. The value and tangible benefits of automation, however, extend well beyond improvements to testing and include:

The Power of Test Automation in EHR Optimization

Value in weeks (not months) and Value for years to come!

SureTest’s blog on the additional “hidden” benefits of test automation draws on extensive experience in successful Test Automation as a Service to describe briefly how it can build a stronger foundation for EHR optimization. There are many aspects of an effective EHR optimization effort, including input from stakeholders. However, full and accurate documentation of realistic workflows is among the most fundamental and important aspects. In fact, most EHR optimization projects either start with a massive (and expensive) effort to document workflows, or are hindered by the lack thereof.

SureTest’s test automation program not only fully captures all in-scope workflows but also the various work-arounds within each of those workflows. As such, test automation helps build a stronger foundation for EHR optimization by documenting what is actually happening on floors, units and departments – not what managers think or assume is happening – in a manner that exposes suboptimal or problematic processes and inconsistencies. Furthermore, the documentation of workflows and work-arounds is in the form of detailed videos that are invaluable input into proper prioritization and design of EHR optimization efforts.

Perhaps the best news is this realistic and objective input into EHR optimization, as one of test automation’s hidden benefits, are a valuable by-product of the program rather than something requiring a separate investment or incremental activity. As such, many organizations recognize the importance of establishing a test automation program as a precursor to, or at the latest in parallel to, successful EHR optimization.

This content was originally published on the Santa Rosa Consulting site.