Do Digital Health Right with Test Automation

  • By SureTest Inc
  • July 22, 2022
Do Digital Health Right with Test Automation

The pandemic dramatically changed patient expectations surrounding digital health. It forced healthcare to make huge strides in digital health, permanently changing the industry and speeding future innovation.

For healthcare organizations to attract and retain patients, they must provide a top-notch digital experience to meet these new demands.

Your EHR holds an incredible amount of patient data that feeds into many digital health applications such as patient portals, telehealth, scheduling, chatbots, and AI-powered medical devices.

Automated testing prepares your EHR so you can deliver a seamless experience to encourage high patient engagement.

The Inescapable Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is happening everywhere, driving more of a consumer mindset in healthcare. Andrei Zimiles, senior vice president of consumer solutions at Press Ganey, agrees. “Healthcare simply cannot ignore the fact that patients are accustomed to convenience and time-saving factors from other industries…”

Healthcare’s digital transformation is driving new expectations, and there’s no going back. Not only that, but the pandemic created a paradigm shift, spurring a reassessment of how digital healthcare should look.

“On a societal level, the pandemic forced us to rethink the digitalization of healthcare,” said Daniel Litwer, chief client officer, Press Ganey. “This new era reinforces the power that online perception is reality, and failure to invest in digital channels will push patients to seek care elsewhere.” 

Elevated Expectations for an Easy Experience

Because of these shifts, patients now have higher expectations and want a frustration-free, streamlined experience.

Tim Dybvig, SVP of Patient Engagement at Experity, points out that this trend will continue, “…Patients have come to expect fast, convenient and safe care when and where they want it, and their expectations around the care experience, which dictates where they choose to receive that care, will only increase moving forward.”

According to EY, “…practices with deeper digital capabilities and attractive digital front doors may have a long-term advantage in access to patients and a more satisfying customer experience…The vast majority of physicians (81%) plan to accelerate their introduction of new digital technologies.”

The Sky-High Stakes

Healthcare systems have one chance to make a first impression, and a negative experience can result in losing a patient permanently.

An Accenture survey revealed that 50% of healthcare consumers said a bad digital experience ruins the entire experience with a healthcare provider. Andaccording to a survey, 35% of bridge millennials and younger patients are willing to switch healthcare providers for better digital management tools.

Test Automation’s Supporting Role in Digital Health

Test automation is one of the best places to start on your digital transformation journey. Although it runs behind the scenes — and is often overlooked — test automation is the key to setting up all your systems correctly so you can effectively meet patient expectations.

Thorough testing of the EHR workflow process confirms that data flows correctly from your EHR into your digital applications, allowing you to provide a seamless digital experience for your patients. You can test more thoroughly and more often by harnessing the power of test automation.

Pursue Digital Transformation

Test automation can help you achieve digital transformation faster and more efficiently. Every patient-facing mobile and web application needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure it is functional, accurate, compliant, compatible, and accessible.

But manual testing is incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and disruptive. It requires the time and attention of IT staff and pulls clinicians away from patient care.

Test automation lets you rapidly and accurately test every patient-facing system so your organization can make gains in digital transformation while keeping your team focused on their primary job roles.

Meet Patient Expectations

Patients today expect a seamless experience when interacting with your organization digitally. They want to see test results, message their doctor, view upcoming appointments, sign forms, request prescription refills, and pay bills from anywhere, at any time.

Using automation to test the complexities of your EHR will ensure that it is set up to serve your patient the information they need at every touchpoint.

How SureTest Helps

It takes consistency to build trust, and test automation can help you achieve that. Not only does it help your organization make a positive first impression, but test automation continues to support the patient relationship. SureTest accounts for critical patient journeys and patient-facing workflows, and continuously tests the seamless flow of data from your EHR to your digital applications.

SureTest helps you prioritize and automate rigorous testing by eliminating up to 80% or more of manual testing activities, helping to improve both patient care and patient safety.

With the right data flowing out of your EHR into digital health applications and patient-facing workflows, your patients benefit from a friction-free digital experience.

What’s Next

SureTest has helped top health organizations automate EHR testing, setting clients up for digital health success and meeting new patient expectations. 

Learn how test automation helped CHRISTUS Health meet pressing needs during a critical time.

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