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How Test Automation Supports the Shift to Virtual Care and Alternative Care Sites

by SureTest on May 25, 2023
Healthcare delivery beyond the hospital’s four walls has been predicted for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic, technological transformation, and a renewed emphasis on tackling rising healthcare costs indicate that this oft-predicted but never quite realized trend may actually become a reality.  A McKinsey report points to the growth of ambulatory surgery centers and virtual care as […]
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Why 2023 Is the Perfect Time to Focus on Test Automation

by SureTest on April 12, 2023
The 2023 trends forecast for healthcare is rather grim: Kaufman Hall predicts the expense pressure exerted on health systems in 2022, when about half of U.S. hospitals finished the year with a negative margin, will continue. Hospitals aren’t winning many points from patients, either. In Jarrard’s 2023 Consumer Survey, 53% of respondents believe hospitals put […]
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The Inevitability of and Remedy for Human Error

by SureTest on March 13, 2023
Manual effort is always fraught with the possibility of error. Despite rigorous procedures and guidelines, a task handled manually (from the Latin manus, by hand) is vulnerable to mistakes. Just as clinical teams rely on a range of automation technologies to perform their lifesaving work, IT departments that wrestle with the manual testing of EHR, […]
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5 Ways to Overcome Test Automation Objections

by SureTest on February 23, 2023
Tight budgets for IT development and the subsequent buy-in for new budget requests always pose a challenge in the healthcare space. But as detailed in this comprehensive look at 2023 healthcare finance trends from CommerceHealthcare, those dynamics will continue for the near future.  A chief concern is staff recruitment and retention, which naturally bumps up […]
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A Treasure Trove of Test Automation Lessons: Part 2

by SureTest on February 21, 2023
In the first part of this blog series, we shared the top test automation lessons we’ve learned over SureTest’s history and uncovered how we help clients save money and realize ROI faster. Now it’s time to look at this from a client perspective. We have been fortunate to work with innovative healthcare organizations that automated […]
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